Densah Osseodensification Technology

Dr. Brian Wilson is excited to provide Densah Bur technology for bone preparation during implant surgery.  The Densah® Bur technology is based on a novel biomechanical bone preparation technique called “osseodensification.” Unlike traditional dental drilling techniques which remove bone for placement of an implant, osseodensification does not excavate bone tissue. Rather, bone tissue is preserved and simultaneously compacted and auto-grafted in outwardly expanding directions from the osteotomy site. The process of preserving and compacting your own bone tissue not only produces a stronger interface for dental implant stability it allows for expansion of your own bone in both a horizontal and vertical direction which benefits many bone grafting procedures.  In areas of the jaw close to the maxillary sinus the osseodensification of your own native bone in a vertical direction facilitates the lifting of the sinus membrane providing a less invasive approach for sinus grafting.