Live Dynamic 3D Navigation using X-Guide Technology

X-Guide Implant Navigation
Dr. Wilson uses the X-Guide™ dynamic 3D navigation technology for guided implant surgery.  The system provides a live, 360-degree interactive view of drill position and anatomy for guidance during surgical preparation of the implant site giving improved precision and accuracy of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH.


The X-Guide™ Dynamic 3D Navigation during live surgery to provide precise control of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH.

X-Point image with drill


Scan Plan NavigateGuided surgery using X-Guide™ dynamic 3D navigation provides precision control for implant placement and also provides distinct advantages over traditional 3-D printed surgical guides. The live 3D navigation of the X-Guide™ does not use an acrylic mouth piece that the patient has to were during surgery.  This allows for improved irrigation during preparation of the implant site, which is critical and can be blocked with use of printed surgical guides.  During live surgery the X-Guide™ allows the surgeon to easily make adjustments in the implant position if needed, which is a distinct advantage over traditional printed guides which are not adjustable.  One of the major advantages of the X-Guide™ is the ability to provide guided surgery for patients who have limited opening and for posterior teeth which have limited space available.

Traditional printed guides require increased space to accommodate for the guide and increased drill length which can require up to 42mm’s of space.  For many people this can be impossible for posterior teeth and in patients with limited opening. 

Printed guides use a metal sleeve within an acrylic mouth piece that guides the drills used during surgery.  The printed guides need to be fabricated, which requires time, and the fit of the guide needs to be evaluated prior to surgery to confirm precision.  Once fabricated the position of guide sleeve is fixed and can not be adjusted without fabrication of a new guide.  During live implant surgery if factors present which require slight adjustment of the implant position, then the printed guide can not be used as it can not be adjusted