Gentle Wave Root Canal Procedure

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A Better Root Canal

Many people wince at the thought of having root canal therapy. But now, we are excited to share with you a new technology for use in root canal treatment. The GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure patented technology, is a valuable tool that we are able to offer our patients for their root canal procedure.

Better Cleaning & Improved Disinfection

Because the root systems of teeth are so complex, it can be difficult to reach all areas within a complex root canal system with traditional root canal cleaning and disinfection methods.  The GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure uses the delivery of specialized fluids with multisonic energy within the root system of the tooth that improves the ability of fluids to reach areas within the tooth not accessible by traditional methods providing an increased level of cleaning and disinfection within the tooth.

GentleWave Procedure: Today’s Alternative to Standard Root Canal

How does the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure work?

The GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure combines acoustic energy and optimized fluids to reach every part of the root system, including the interior porous surfaces, helping to remove tissue and bacterial biofilm in areas within the roots of teeth not accessible by traditional root canal treatment.

What is Multisonic Ultracleaning™?

Traditional ultrasound wavelength technology relies on a single wavelength. With Multisonic Ultracleaning™ multiple frequencies are used at the same time and combined with special fluids which increases the ability of the cleaning and disinfecting solutions to reach all areas of the root canal system.

If you are facing root canal treatment and are looking for the best and most effective treatment, give us a call at Corvallis Office Phone Number 541-768-0419. With the GentleWave® Ultracleaning Procedure, a better root canal is available for you!