Guided Implant Surgery

Dr. Brian Wilson utilizes the most advanced technology to provide Guided Implant Surgery for his patients.  For guided surgery Dr. Wilson combines the accuracy of Cone Beam CT imaging and digital intraoral scans of the teeth and gingival tissue of the jaw to generate a virtual representation of the patient’s jaw and oral anatomy.  This information is used to develop a digital treatment plan in which the optimal implant size and exact position of the implant is determined in advance of treatment.  With this information either a traditional 3D-printed surgical guide is fabricated or Live Dyanmic 3D Navigation using X-Guide Techology is used during surgery to precisely form the osteotomy site for precise placement of the implant that was determined with digital planning. 

Virtual planing of the implant surgery before the procedure allows for the selection of the appropriate size implant, identification of vital structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve, sinus and neighboring teeth to provide a safe surgical procedure, identify deficiencies in bone and gingival tissues that may require additional grafting procedures, and placement of the implant with the use of a surgical guide to provide the most esthetic, functional and safe result.

Guided surgery is prosthetically driven, which is beneficial provided the growing emphasis on final esthetics and function in implant therapy. The digital treatment-planning element of guided surgery allows Dr. Wilson to begin with the ideal restoration and work down to the ideal implant position to support the final restoration. The precision and control afforded by guided surgery enable Dr. Wilson to position and angulate the implant for the most esthetic restorative outcome possible.