After Sedation


  1. Patients must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Patients may sleep, but must be watched for at least 6 hours after treatment to ensure that they are able to breathe well.
  2. Escort the patient from the vehicle to the house by supporting them under the arm.  Do not leave the sedated patient alone in the car unassisted.
  3. The patient must be conscious and alert before any additional pain medication can be given.  Wait at least 4-6 hours or as directed by Dr. Wilson.
  4. Do not give food until the patient is fully awake and can speak and breathe well.  The patient should be alert enough to respond to questions or ask questions.  It is very common for patients to have partial or little memory of occurrences for events that occurred during the sedation and for the first several hours after treatment.
  5. FOR THE FOLLOWING 24 HOURS the patient is NOT to drive or perform any activities with legal implications or requiring dexterity or alert decision making.  This includes:
    • Do not drive a motor vehicle
    • Do not work with power tools or machinery
    • Do not go to your place of employment
    • Do not ingest alcohol for 24 hours after your procedure
    • Only walk up and down stairs with assistance
  6. If the patient experiences any complication call our office at Corvallis Office Phone Number 541-768-0419.  If it is after regular office hours you may call our office and page Dr. Wilson through our automated answering service.